From The Sunday Telegraph

April 04

Tim Jepson's review

A nice idea, nicely done.  Fifty-two suggestions for weekends away around the coast of Britain, 18 in Scotland, nine in Wales, the rest in England; and in the nature of so many guide books these days, a glossy, large-format book, laden with photographs but – unlike many such books – with a fair bitof substance to go with the style.

The authors know what most of us want from a weekend away – thus the book offers a little bit of background, some history and a bit of descriptive prose to draw us in (backed up by those photographs), and then some well- presented panels with simple, but excellent ideas for local visits, easy-going and easy-to-access activities, beach strolls, the odd longer walk and further suggestions or rainy day option such as a short scenic rail journey up and down the coast.  Then there are simple and straightforward suggestions for paces to eat, drink and sleep (“Hungry?”, ‘”Thirsty?”, “Tired?”). A stylish, useful and well-researched book.

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